Rosalind krauss photographys discursive spaces

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Rosalind Epstein Krauss is an American art critic, art theorist and a professor at Columbia University in New York City. Krauss is known for her scholarship in 20th-century painting, sculpture and photography.

As a critic and theorist she has published steadily since in Artforum, Art International and Art in America.

She was associate editor of Artforum from to and has been editor of October, a. Jan 20,  · In Roslind Krauss, art critic and art history teacher, wrote Photography's Discursive Spaces: Landscape / View (1); an essay that challenged whether the survey photographs of Timothy O'Sullivan (i) should be discussed in the context of art, in essence whether they are landscapes or views.

Discursive spaces – Rosalind Krauss

O'Sullivan had made. Photography 's Discursive Spaces: Landscape/View By Rosalind Krauss et us start with two images, identically titled Tufa Domes, Pyramid Lake, Nevada. The first (Fig. 1) is a (recently) celebrated photograph made by Timothy. Rosalind Krauss discusses two images in Photography’s Discursive Spaces.

The images are both of the Tufa Domes, at Pyramid Lake, Nevada, but are slightly different representations. One is a photograph applauded for its model of the mysterious, and silent beauty.

Feb 14,  · Discursive spaces – Rosalind Krauss This essay has several points, mainly discussing the difference between art and documentary or other photographic genres.

Each genre can be called a discursive space for which the photo was taken.

Rosalind krauss photographys discursive spaces
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