Human dependence on nature

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Human Dependence on Nature

Human Dependence on Nature examines why we deny or ignore this dependence and what we can do differently to help solve the environmental crisis. Written in an accessible and engaging style, Haydn Washington provides an excellent overview of humanity's relationship with Nature.

Compulsive usage and technostress are positively related to psychological traits. • Locus of control, materialism, social anxiety, and need for touch are examined. When you’ve finished Human Dependence on Nature you’ll be impressed too – and want to give a copy to everyone you know.’ – Professor Paul R.

Ehrlich, President of the Center for Conservation Biology, Department of Biology, Stanford University, CaliforniaReviews: 1.

Human Nature

Influences on Human Nature Human nature is the central characteristics, including the ways of thinking, acting, and reacting that are shared by most or all human beings, and which humans display naturally.

The talk is about something obvious to most environmental scientists – but overlooked by society. This is that humanity is dependent on Nature to survive.

Human dependence on nature
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Human Dependence on Nature | Writing In An Endangered World